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Justin, G/I (Galvanizing/Invention)

Justin leads Symphoneo Consulting and lives in Roseville, California. He's a certified Working Genius/5 Dysfunctions and Employee Engagement expert. Honored to be a part of the founding certification cohort for Working Genius. He has helped dozens of teams increase employee engagement, build dynamic teams, increase productivity and clarify fulfilling work. Justin is a thought leader in Organizational Health, dynamic speaker, facilitator and consultant. His heart for vulnerable teens guided him advocate for foster youth founding and leading Dress 2 S.O.A.R. for 8 years as a volunteer. Spending two years working for The Alliance as Engagement Director, then Engagement Specialist as he ramped up his consulting practice.  He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Sonoma State University and a Master of Arts in Human Behavioral Psychology from National University.

“The greatest gift you can give your employees is not a bonus check or a raise. Show employees the impact they make, how much you value them and that you care about them as a person. Help them understand, leverage and maximize their talents and abilities. You will have a dynamic, passionate and productive workforce.”

-Justin Studebaker 


HUMBLE: Other focused 

HUNGRY: Always improving