Why Us?

Success Stories and Testimonials

Neal Cordeiro,  Vice President & CFO

"You've been an incredible coach for our Leadership Group as you guided us through the six different types of talents, how they interact best with others, and how to get the most out of our working geniuses. Your insights have helped us better understand how to leverage our strengths to collectively achieve more. 

We will certainly leverage our strengths to help drive the enthusiasm needed to create real change. Thanks again for everything, and we look forward to more engagements with you." 

Tami Ortiz, Vice President, Marketing

"I took my immediate leadership team through the program, and we all agreed how valuable this was for us, so we are extending to the full department. 


I bought my team the book and we all read it to ensure a deeper understanding of the content. We took our assessments and then had a three-hour workshop with Justin who is a Certified Working Genius Trainer. He did a fantastic job navigating the discussion and helping us make real connections with ourselves and each other. I truly believe this will impact how we get work done going forward. To know what energizes ourselves and our teammates will drive engagement, improve quality of work and of course, accelerate business results.


I am totally bought into this ideology and encourage everyone to invest in this process."

Ryan Coates, Vice President

"Making the decision to do Working Genius with Justin and the team at Symphoneo Consulting was a terrific experience.  What a great way to connect and explore how to create more synergy with our company.  The entire process was very thought out and professional.  Justin and his team went above and beyond to make sure that we got the most out of the program and process.  

I would highly recommend Symphoneo Consulting to any company out there looking for a way to connect and grow their business!"